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Explore Gay Tucson Arizona

Discover Tucson with its hot nightlife, fun shopping, one of the most unique downtown urban arts districts, state university, and most scenic desert backdrops in the nation!

With a diverse and vibrant LGBT Community, Tucson welcomes both travelers and residents to come out and enjoy the many things that make this unique Sonoran Desert city one of the more Gay-Friendly cities found in the United States.

Tucson can be a truly one size fits all kind of place. No matter if you are visiting, passing through, considering relocating here, or are a current resident, we invite you to explore and enjoy all that our community has to offer.

Tucson today is Arizona's second largest city, and the hub of activity and commerce for all of the Southern Arizona area. It is a mix of historic, progressive, alternative, funky, upscale, downscale, otherscale, wild west, short pants & t-shirts, clean, modern, and is basically an attractive city that operates at it's own pace.

 The City of Tucson itself has a population of 520,116 souls and is the home of the vibrant University of Arizona. Near town are the unique Saguaro National Parks East & West featuring that sometimes bizarre king of the desert, the Saguaro Cactus.

Tucson is located on a large valley floor at the feet of 4 different mountain ranges. Just to the northeast of Tucson is Mt. Lemmon (see video) located in the the Santa Catalina Mountains that rise to over 9,124 feet in the sky. They are home to black bears, deer, a US Forrest Service Fee for setting foot out of your car, trout, hikers, winding roads, lovers, sightseers, wealthy cabin owners, weekend campers and trout fishing, and the southernmost ski resort in the entire United States.

Because of the almost always clear and relatively dark skies at night here and due to local lighting restrictions, there are several large telescope observatory installations around the area operated by numerous different government entities. The largest of them is Kitt Peak National Observatory located about 40 miles west of Tucson and offers some public tours-programs.

For private astronomers in the back yard and up on the roof Tucson is a great place to view the skies too. When the mood strikes you, be sure to visit and experience some of Tucson Arizona's many unique and unusual local restaurants, cafes, pubs, road side taco stands, watering holes, and fine dining establishments.